Main Interface


The Sinftech system has its own user-friendly client software.

GUI is based on standard concepts and principles, and most of operators are familiar with the software components. This makes the training process easy and comfortable. Moreover, even unexperienced employers can learn the system in the most comfortable way.

GUI has two basic components: control panel and chart panel.

Control panel functionality:

  • Customization
  • Remote camera (thermovisor) control
  • System settings access
  • Chart scrolling

Customized parameters:

  • Language: English, Chinese (any additional localization by request)
  • Color scheme: Day, Night, Dusk
  • Theme: Classic, Metro

Chart panel functionality:

  • Chart display (S-57)
  • Scaling
  • Multiframe (independent)
  • User defined levels
  • User defined objects

The system provides high level of security and protection if required.

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