Main Digital reciever MSDR-1000

Digital reciever MSDR-1000

MSDR-1000 is an innovative digital wideband radio receiver with extremely high dynamic range. MSDR can simultaneously receive 32−48 voice and data channels in 10MHz band, in 30−2000 MHz frequency range.

The purposes:
• 24/7 radio monitoring;
• Recording and playback;
• Direction/position finding.

The customers:
• Harbors, coastal security;
• Railroads, rescue, police;
• Military, secrete services.

The advantages:
• The ease of use;
• High flexibility;
• Reasonable price.

MSDR-1000 functionality is defined by the сustomer’s request. MSDR-1000 can be integrated into the сustomer’s Management Control System. Most radio standards can be supported under request.

• Simultaneously receives ALL active channels in the band;
• Very high dynamic range;
• Direction/position finder capability;
• Wideband radio scanner functionality;
• Audio/data recording/playback;
• Raw IQ recording/playback;
• Remote access;

Onboard DSP based on modern FPGA and has enough computation resources for future extensions.

MSDR-1000 can be used as direction finder (option). In case of distributed network of MSDR’s, it is possible to find rough geographic position of radio-transmission source.

MSDR-1000 Basic Software Package includes:
• Audio recording/playback;
• Frequency spectrum view;
• Windows/Linux drivers.

Basic Technical Specs:
• -120 dBm || 12 dB SNR typical sensitivity;
• 90 dB blocking capacity (in 10MHz bandwidth);
• 30−2000MHz general frequency range;
• Embedded 112-136 MHz, 136−174 MHz, 285-345 MHz,  and 400−500 MHz  preselection filters;
• PCIe or 1GBE interface;
• Active antenna power supply;
• External SYNC in/out.